Why Should I Use OCharge?


Well, you buy airtime almost daily, correct? :)

When you buy your airtime using a scratch card or direct top up from MPesa, you get only AIRTIME in return for the money spent.

But with OCharge, 100 Bob worth of airtime purchase through the app gives you 100 OCharge points, which translates to 100 Bob saving on your next spend on food, clothes,shoes, hair, cake, movies, electronics or even booze ;)

Essentially all the money you spend on your airtime now, gives you not only AIRTIME in return, but SAVINGS of the same amount on whatever you like most!

Sounds awesome, right? So while others may pay Full price for their favorite pizza, favorite booze or favorite movie, you get away with paying up to 50% less (YES!) for the same.

We don’t think you need any more reasons to GET STARTED!!! :)

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