If I am on a post-paid plan, can I still register and get the points?


Good reason to move to pre paid, right? ;) ( Just kidding!)

We understand your #FOMO & want you to get AS MUCH out of OCharge as your pre paid friends! :)

Currently the app supports buying airtime for pre paid lines in Kenya since they account for majority of connections. However, as a post paid user you can still enjoy almost ALL the benefits, EXCEPT buying airtime for your own post paid line right away.

  • You can still DOWNLOAD THE APP & SIGN UP with your Number.
  • Make your FRIENDS & FAMILY on prepaid lines HAPPY by buying  airtime for them - Get points for yourself in return :)
  • Invite friends with prepaid lines to SIGN UP on OCharge using your Invite code - Get Free Points for your Friends & Yourself too!
  • Use PROMO CODES we give out during campaigns -  More FREE points!!! (yay!)

With all those points, go enjoy the fabulous exclusive discounts we offer on the app from Brands across food, fashion, spas, electronics & even booze! :)






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