What are the parts of the voucher?

The parts of the voucher are as follows:


1. Voucher title - It’s the title of the voucher and it shows what the discount is. E.g. Ksh 500 off on college jackets. It is always shown just below the picture or logo of the voucher.

2. Voucher prices - This is shown just below the voucher title. It shows the price before and after the discount. E.g. Was Ksh 2,500 | Now Ksh 2,000.

3. Expiry date - This is the date that shows the validity of the voucher E.g. 07 July 2016. It is represented with an icon of a clock and is located just below the prices. 

4. Name of shop and location - It’s located just below the expiry date. It shows the name of shop and the location. E.g My chemist and below the name is the location of the shop.

5. Merchants contacts - It is represented with a call icon. This is where you get the merchants contact number and you can also call them upon clicking the icon. It’s located just beside the name of the shop.

6. Map - Shows a geographical location of the merchant’s shop and where to redeem the voucher. It’s shown just beside the contact icon shown with a map indicator icon.

7. Terms and conditions - On the voucher just above the pick button, there is a text written T&C| Locations >. Click on it and it will take you to a page you can view the terms and conditions. If you are unable to view them press on the arrow facing down, beside the name.

8. Voucher code -  It’s the code that uniquely identifies a voucher. To view a voucher’s code, you must first pick the deal of the particular voucher. After picking the deal, go to My Deals tab, click on the particular voucher you want to view its code. Below the voucher that you have picked there’s a script written ‘Show code to redeem voucher’. You will see the code shown alongside it. E.g.QCR56HJ4


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